Top Ten Biggest / Largest Companies in Pakistan

Unilever Pakistan

Pakistan is a developing country which is improving in every field of life. Many companies have introduced their products in the market which are widely used all over. These belong to different sectors and they have branches everywhere. In Pakistan, many companies / corporations are present which range from small to large. A list of biggest / largest companies in Pakistan is mentioned below:

1) Unilever Pakistan
It was established in 1948. It is one of the largest company of Pakistan which has introduced variety of products in the country. It offers items related to the demand of the people and offers best quality. All their products are well-priced and affordable.

2) Proctor and Gamble Pakistan
It is a leading global organization which is also operating in Pakistan. It is providing best products of households which have improved the lifestyle of people in the country. It covers many sectors including beauty and personal care, baby products, health and grooming items, etc.

3) Nestle Pakistan
It is a popular and leading food company in the World that provides best quality products and services to its valuable customers. It keeps nutritional value in mind. Its beverages like juices, milk and other products are in demand and are very popular in the country.

4) Honda Pakistan
It is the leading company of Pakistan which has introduced best quality vehicles which satisfy its customers. Their most popular cars are Honda City and Honda Civic.

5) KFC Pakistan
It started its business in Pakistan in 1997. Since then this food brand is loved by the people. Its demand is increasing day by day. You can see many KFC outlets in many cities of Pakistan.

6) Toyota Pakistan
It is an automobile company which is committed to provide best vehicles to its customers. It is working in Pakistan for many decades now. It is also one of the largest automobile company in the world.

7) Pepsi Co. Pakistan
It is a well-known and household brand which is providing quality beverages, snacks and eatables to its customers. It is a multinational company, which is very popular in Pakistan as well.

8) Mobilink Pakistan
It is a leading cellular service provider in Pakistan which satisfies its customers in many ways. It provides different packages and advanced communication services to its customers. It offers a range of postpaid and prepaid services to individual and corporate subscribers in the country.

9) Al-Ghazi Tractors Company Limited
It was started in 1983 and its plant is located in Dera Ghazi Khan. It manufactures New Holland Tractors and generators. Its corporate office is in Karachi.

10) Ghani Automobiles Company
It is motorcycles and vehicles manufacturing company which is based in Lahore. It was established in 2004 and its mega plant is spread over an area of 218,000 square feet.

Top Ten Richest People in Pakistan

Mian Muhammad Mansha, Richest Person in Pakistan

Pakistan is a developing country which has numerous natural resources. It is struggling hard day by day to become strong. Regardless of this, it has some richest people who are living here and enjoying luxurious lifestyle. All these have immense wealth and high living standards. A list of top ten richest people in Pakistan is mentioned below:

1) Mian Muhammad Mansha
A prominent figure, industrialist and entrepreneur, he is the CEO of Nishat Group and have number of industries. He has net worth of $2.6 Billion till date and lives in Lahore. He is the owner of Muslim Commercial Bank (MCB), Adamjee Group and Nishat Chiniot Power. He is 64 years old.

2) Asif Ali Zardari
A famous politician, who has net worth of $1.8 Billion, is the second richest person of Pakistan. His home town is in Nawab Shah, and has lot of industries including agriculture, real estate and many more.

3) Sir Anwar Pervaiz
He has the worth of $1.67 billion. He is the founder of Best Way Group in UK. He has received many awards. He owns 50 cash and carry’s.

4) Nawaz Sharif
He has total worth of $1.4 Billion and lives in Lahore. He is currently the Prime Minister of Pakistan and owner of Itefaq Group. He is in the list of wealthiest people of Pakistan.

5) Saddaruddin Hashwani
He has total worth of $1.1 Billion and lives in Islamabad. He has invested billions in minerals, mines, construction and IT sector. He is the chairman of Hashoo Group.

6) Nasir Schon
He is a well-known businessman and chairman of Schon Group. He has total worth of $1 billion and lives in Karachi. He is among the richest people of Pakistan.

7) Malik Riaz Hussain
He is the founder of Bahria Town and an example of hard work for everyone. He has total worth of $1.1 Billion. He has launched some of the biggest housing projects in Pakistan.

8) Rafiq Habib
He has total worth of $0.90 Billion and lives in Karachi. He is owner of Lakson Group. Many industries are under him. He is businessman and they own almost 100 companies all over the World.

9) Tariq Saigol
He is one of the three brothers who own Saigol Group. He has total worth of $850 Million currently. He is the owner of Kohinoor – Maple group and he is in the list of richest people of Pakistan.

10) Dewan Mushtaq
He is the owner of Dewan Group and has total worth of $0.80 Billion. He lives in Karachi and many industries are owned by him.

Top Ten Most Popular TV Channels in Pakistan 2015

Pakistan Television PTV

With the advancement in science and technology, Pakistan’s TV channels are growing dramatically. Few years back, there was only one TV channel was available in Pakistan and that was PTV (Pakistan Television), but now we have lot of variety. We have Sports channels, News channels, Religious channels, Entertainment channels, Kids’ channels and many more. A vast variety is available for viewers (Kids and elders). All the channels are performing good and struggling hard to do something creative and innovative. New ideas and variety is observed in this race of competition. However, the success of any channel depends upon the popularity of it among public. According to viewer’s choice, a list of ten most popular TV channels in Pakistan are:

1) PTV:
It is the oldest and the national channel of Pakistan, which is loved all over. Although all major cities and areas of the country is shifted to cable network which is covered 100 + TV channels but PTV is still also available on Simple old style antenna in each & every part of country from rural to urban areas. Pakistan television is offering quality programs from many years which are full of entertainment and knowledge. It was first broadcasted in 1964. Its popularity is everlasting and undying. It was started with a single channel but now it has a wide network having channels like PTV Sports, PTV News, PTV Global, PTV Home, PTV World, PTV National, etc.

It was established in 2002, by Mir Shakeel-ur-Rehman (Owner of Jung news group too). It is the most famous news channel of Pakistan which has gained lot of popularity among viewers in a short period of time. This channel believes on “Freedom of Voice” and it is the most reliable news Channel. It further has Geo Entertainment, Geo Sports, Geo Kahani, etc.

3) HUM TV:
The dramas of Hum TV are liked by everyone as these are based on social issues like corruption, unemployment, marital issues, etc. it was founded in 2005 and running successfully all over the country.

It is basically a recipe channel which is loved by all. Women love to see the recipes and tips for cooking. Different types of continental and oriental dishes are introduced for the viewers. All variety is seen in this channel. It was established in 2006 and it is also associated with HUM TV.

It is another top listed news channel which was started in 2004. It offers different talk shows and current affairs programs which are like by the viewers. The quality and reliability of programs are the main reason for success.

It was started in 2008 by Express newspaper. It has further branches like Express entertainment, Times, etc. which are like by the audience. It shows variety of programs and entertainment talk shows.

It is also a prominent news channel which offers news and current affairs programs, which are purely based on authentic and truth reporting. They use latest technology and have experienced staff.

8) AAJ TV:
It was started in 2005; it gained lot of popularity and success among viewers. It provides entertainment, current affairs programs and highlight informative issues.

It gives entertainment with knowledge. It shows Urdu language news with current affairs programs and news alerts. Its head office is located in Lahore. It is operated by National communication services. It is owned by Mian Aamir (CEO of Punjab group of Colleges).

It was introduced in 2007. It was first English news channel but then converted to Urdu news channels due to less number of viewers.

Some Important Contact Numbers Related to Government of Pakistan

Important Contact Numbers of Government of Pakistan

Over the past few years, Government of Pakistan is trying to make its departments and ministries more accessible to common people by providing easy to remember contact numbers and launching comprehensive websites. There is still great room for improvement but these efforts should be appreciated.

Below we have the list of some important contact numbers related to Government of Pakistan,

Government of Pakistan Helpline


Federal Board of Revenue


Ministry of Water and Power


Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA)


Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (Ministry of Health)


Higher Education Commission (HEC)


Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Ministry of Communications


Ministry of Defense


Ministry of Finance


Ministry of Commerce


Pakistan Cabinet Secretariat


Ministry of Interior and Narcotics Control


Ministry of Tourism


Some Important Emergency Contact Numbers in Islamabad

Important Emergency Contact Numbers in Islamabad

Islamabad with population in access of 3 million (even exceeding it by some estimates) is the third biggest city in Pakistan. The modern and well-planned city is also the capital of the country.

Below we have the list of some important emergency contact numbers in Islamabad,



Police Emergency


Fire Brigade Center


Bomb Disposal


Edhi Trust




Civil Defense


Civil Secretariat


Telephone Enquiry


Wapda Enquiry


Sui Gas Enquiry / Complaints


Weather Enquiry


News Agency (APP)


Pakistan Television


Radio Pakistan


Railway Enquiry


PIA Flight Enquiry


Some Important Emergency Contact Numbers in Lahore

Important Emergency Contact Numbers in Lahore

Lahore with population in access of 8 million is the second biggest metropolis in Pakistan. The city has seen great expansion in the last few decades, and with improving business opportunities it is not likely to stop anytime soon.

Below we have the list of some important emergency contact numbers in Lahore,



Police Emergency


Fire Brigade Center


Bomb Disposal


Edhi Trust




Fatmid Blood Bank


Civil Defense


Civil Secretariat


Telephone Enquiry


Wapda Enquiry


Sui Gas Enquiry / Complaints


Weather Enquiry


News Agency (APP)


Pakistan Television


Radio Pakistan


Railway Enquiry


PIA Flight Enquiry


Some Important Emergency Contact Numbers in Karachi

Important Emergency Contact Numbers in Karachi

Karachi with population approaching 20 million (even exceeding it by some estimates) is the biggest city in Pakistan. With the great rise in population, the needs of the city have also grown significantly over the last few decades.

Below we have the list of some important emergency contact numbers in Karachi,



Police Emergency


Fire Brigade Center


Bomb Disposal


Edhi Trust




Fatmid Blood Bank


Civil Defense


Civil Secretariat


Telephone Enquiry


Wapda Enquiry


Sui Gas Enquiry / Complaints


Weather Enquiry


News Agency (APP)


Pakistan Television


Radio Pakistan


Railway Enquiry


PIA Flight Enquiry


Leading Islamic TV Channels in Pakistan

ARY QTV, Leading Islamic TV Channel in Pakistan

Television is one of the most watched and easily accessible entertainment and education mediums in Pakistan, as is the case with rest of the world. With huge growth in TV industry in the country in last decade or so, we have witnessed the launch of many Islamic TV channels which are doing a great job in spreading the holy message of Islam.

These Islamic Channels air Islamic programs 24 hours a day and are serving as a great source of knowledge and blessings. These channels are also helping a great deal in creating better understanding of the Islamic teachings among the common people especially in the less educated segment of the society.

Below we have the list of leading Islamic TV Channels in Pakistan alongside their websites,


Peace TV

Hadi TV

Leading News TV Channels in Pakistan

Geo News, Leading News TV Channel in Pakistan

Historically News TV Channels have always been very popular, because they keep the people posted about all the latest news, events and happenings. In the last decade in Pakistan, News Channels have enjoyed humungous popularity among the masses which can be judged by the fact that their number is growing all the time.

These channels air news updates and innovative programs throughout the day and are considered very profitable entities for their parent media corporations. Currently there are dozens of News Channels operating in Pakistan, in almost all the local languages.

Below we have the list of leading News TV Channels in Pakistan alongside their contact details,

PTV News

Website ::
Phone :: 051- 9212222

Geo News

Website ::
Phone :: 111-436-111

Express News

Website ::
Phone :: 021-35800051

Dunya News

Website ::
Phone :: 111-138-692

ARY News

Website ::
Phone :: 021-35657315

Dawn News

Website ::
Phone :: 111-444-777

Samaa News

Website ::
Phone :: 111-772-622

Jaag News

Website ::
Phone :: 111-522-488

Din News

Website ::

Channel 5 News

Website ::

Leading Sports TV Channels in Pakistan

PTV Sports, Leading Sports TV Channel in Pakistan

Sports are a great source of inspiration and entertainment for people of all segments of the society and generally known to unite people for one cause. Sports like Cricket, Football and Hockey are very popular in Pakistan and are passionately played and followed in all the areas of the country.

Due to great popularity of Sports, now there are many dedicated Sports TV Channels operating in Pakistan that air interesting sports programs 24 hours a day. These channels cover both local and international events and are a great source of entertainment for the masses.

Below we have the list of leading Sports TV Channels in Pakistan alongside their contact details,

PTV Sports

Website ::
Phone :: 051- 9212222

Geo Super

Website ::
Phone :: 021-2629322

Ten Sports

Website ::

Star Sports

Website ::